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Most insurance accepted. Able to treat children, families, LGBTQ, PTSD, and trauma victims among many others. Multiple locations in St. Cloud with additional locations across central Minnesota launching soon.

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This is not a hotline, rather a network of providers who have agreed to set aside a block of appointments each day to see people who are in a heightened mental health episode.  When you call the number you are calling to schedule an appointment at a provider.

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The Urgent Care program takes a unique approach to providing mental health care in our community.  No singular entity owns or runs the program. The idea was conceived by The Beautiful Mind Project who has partnered with several care providers in our community.  The Beautiful Mind Project’s role is to market and promote the service as well as adding additional providers to the network.  The providers simply run their practice as they always have and see the patients the program generates.  In exchange for getting these referrals they agree to reserve several appointments per day to see Urgent Care patients. The providers also make a donation each month to The Beautiful Mind Project to help fund the marketing programs.  With this concept, no one provider has to take on the role of being the community’s Urgent Care provider, which can be costly to run and manage on a large scale. Rather we take a community approach to solve the problem of long wait times with multiple providers taking on a smaller, but extremely important, role.  It is a model that is unique and the only one of it’s kind that we can find in the country.